RTW & Customize Pret Dresses

What is pret?

Prêt-a-porter is colloquially known as ready-to-wear. The trend of pret dresses has been growing rapidly in Pakistan nowadays.  Most importantly they are trendy and relatively affordable. They are gaining popularity and most importantly,

Pret, a priority of a woman:

Most of the time, women need casual dresses to wear. Priorities of a modern lady have changed considerably with the passage of time.  They need to look simple without wasting time. Pret makes things simpler in this fast-paced life.

Women prefer designer made ready to wear on a day to day basis. Especially, the working woman finds this way of buying easier to get off the rack outfits rather than tailoring it. Designer Pret dresses should be preferred during the festive seasons such as Eid. Ladies are more inclined towards pret than tailor-made.

Popular among ladies:

Pret wear has become a significant part of many modern ladies. They are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. Ready to wear dresses are comfortable and trendy. They are the way forward for their convenience. The significance of ready to wear designer dresses will remain unparalleled and supreme in the future.

Sizzling collection of pret

Noor Bano couture has brought out the most sizzling and stunning collection of ready to wear designer dresses for ladies all over the world. Our designer has kept injecting the latest trends and new looks into the collection. The second most important trait of pret is that it is weather friendly. Designer Pret wear comes in any weather such as winters, summer, spring, and autumn.

 Our ready to wear dresses can be worn on any occasions such as office, parties, informal and informal lunches.

Reasonable prices:

The popularity of designer pret dresses lies in its affordability. They are picking the pace in fashion. One can immediately pick a dress without even wasting time. It doesn’t take days to be yours. Once you choose and you can take it with you unless it is not made to order.

Get rid of tailors’ distresses

Pret is a great option for those women who endure tailors’ distresses all the time. Pret is easily available and wearable. A designer made ready to wear have their own appeal and demand.

Why choose Noor Bano pret dresses?

Noor Bano is shining like a beacon of color. Our pret dresses and their solid styles are delightful and charming. The dynamic collection of Noor Bano is architectural in its ethos.

The avant-garde pret usually contains high-quality fabric with pastel floral are innovative and appropriate for any occasion.  Elegant silhouettes on pret are eye-catching.

Noor Bano couture presents the most elegant and sophisticated colors representing eastern customs.  The colors of designer pret wear are modern yet simple in its nature. They are supremely eye-catching. We usually keep the quality of our outfits high. It will instantly click the hearts of ladies. Noor Bano offers a variety of ensembles that are affordable and stylish. We don’t compromise on the quality and designs factor of the outfits. Noor Bano offers timeless and unique designer pret dresses for its prestigious customers.

We facilitate ladies by producing breathtaking pret dresses according to the modern ladies ‘need. Our priority lies in the satisfaction of our prestigious customers.

Our flamboyant prints are trendsetters of the market. Exquisite patterns with the epitome of decency and embellishment make Noor Bano couture magnificent brand in the globe.

We present a wide range of pret dresses collection that will make your everyday special.

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